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Subject: Harry and Ron's BoxDisclaimer: under age nude modeles
This story falls under the category of fan fiction and is not
meant to imply anything about the characters in the original story by JK
Rowling. The plot is pure fantasy that came solely out of the mind of the
author. The events described herein never happened in this or any other
universe. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about
the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge
about their private lives.Beyond that the rest is total fantasy and
fiction. This story does involve sexual amateur under age situations between people that may
be minors in your state or country.Harry and Ron rushed up to their dorm. They quickly locked the door and
opened up the box that they had just each paid Fred and George a under aged russian sex Galleon
for. When teens under ages nude they opened them, a mere sheet of paper greeted them each. It
said, "This box is for a full 2 hours worth of extreme pleasure, if you do
not have the time, please do not begin until you have time"Ron said to Harry, "Well good thing we don't have hot teens under age
classes until Monday."
"Yeah, good thing"Harry responded, "I wonder what else is in this box?" Ron quickly removed
the disclaimer from his box and looked at the sheet under it,"These looks like some sort directions, look Harry, First remove all of
your clothes." Both followed suit, and for young pussy under age
a split under age russian incest second each eyed each
other's pic sex under age firm muscular bodies. Harry took note of the bright orange bush
surrounding Ron's firm 9 inch cock. Ron got caught up in Harry's firm
six-pack and cute treasure trail leading to his 10 inch cock.Both noticed each other looking and each could feel the tension as Ron
picked up the sheet of paper to read the next step, "Drink the red potion
in the vial, until you are pleased, but note that these effects are only
temporary and will wear off in about two hour's time." "That's interesting, I wonder what these do." Harry said as they both
kicked their clothes away and reached for the vials. under age teens porn "Well here goes
nothing" "Cheers mate" Ron responded. Both drank a sip from the vial and
gasped, they each looked at each other's cocks as they grew another 2 or 3
inches."Well, I think we're good, any longer and we will need an extra hand" Harry
said. "Yeah, and Neville isn't here to help us out like he did last time"
They both chuckled. "Okay next we are supposed to drink some of the green
vial" Both followed suit and looked at each other questioningly as nothing
was happening to them."Wait a minute, It says this will enhance your pleasures ten fold" Harry
said. "Okay now we are to each read off this spell, Moveo Contineo, ready
Harry" "Ready" "One, two three, Moveo Contineo", they both chanted. "Now what?" asked Harry. "Now it says we are to stroke our wands at a very
gentle rate" Both picked up their wands and shuttered, it felt as though
someone had just grasped their poles.Then each under age russian incest began to slowly stroke their wands, and each felt the same
feelings in their dicks. "Now what?" Harry asked. "Now it says we can put
our wands down" "Okay"They both put their wands down yet, they felt the same patterns in their
cocks. Each was already on the brink, as they were feeling the feeling of
jacking off, but ten fold. "Next it says to pull out this rubber cock" Ron
said as he pulled out a 5 inch dildo, "and insert it into each other's
asses, I guess I can go first" "Okay, Harry said as he grabbed the plastic
penis from Ron's hand and asRon bent over he grabbed it by the base and shoved it up in one push. pic sex under age Harry
knew that this wouldn't hurt hum, at least what happened between him and
Ron last time. "Argh, easy" Ron exclaimed, "Okay, now it's my turn and I
promise, no mercy." "Looking forward to it"Harry said as he bent over and presented his sculpted ass to Ron who
quickly grabbed the dick and under age photos shoved it up Harry's ass. "Jesus Christ!"
Harry screamed as his ass and dick both pulsed with pleasure. "Calm down
dude" "Okay, now next it says to read the spell, Feelado Elatin" "Feelado
Elatin". Suddenly they both fell down as they cocks in their asses began to
grow and shrink. They began to twist around and pull in and out of their
asses."OH MY GOD!!!! LOOK BEHIND YOU" Ron exclaimed as another form of Ron began
to materialize behind him. "Look at you!!" Harry shouted as he began to see
himself behind Ron. The cocks in their asses began to morph into their
buddy's cocks and eventually another Harry and Ron had joined the
party. Neither could do more than moan, but each were picture perfect
copies of the other."Eventually these will turn under aged nude boys into your wildest fantasies" Ron read off the
papers as Harry pulled out from his backside. Real Harry followed suite and
Ron pulled out from his ass. "Looks like we both know what we wanted" Harry
said with a chuckle as they each moved towards each other."Now what do we do?" Harry asked. "Next it says to either let them fuck our
brains out and come like we've never come before or we can let them do that
and slip these over our cocks", Ron said as he pulled out what looked like
a miniature panty hose, "It says that this will prevent us from orgasm
until we feel the most pleasure and all liquids from our cocks will be
transported to our mouths" "Sounds good" Harry said as he slipped the sheath over his manhood, he
bent over and the Ron copy walked fucking under age girls over, inserted his currently 11 inch dick
into his ass and be began under age girls pics to be pounded again as his cock was still being
jacked under age underwear models by his own hand and his pre-cum was drooling into his mouth. Ron did
the same as he and Harry both felt like they were going to cum any minute.It felt as though they were being fucked for hours and every so often their
fuckers would change position with them and fucks another angle of their
ass. Ron was drooling pre-cum as his fucker was below him, fucking his
brains out.Suddenly Ron and Harry both felt something strange as their cocks both
pulsed and shot stream after stream after stream of their own cum into
their mouths.They both screamed with Joy and pleasure as Harry accidentally shouted,
"Fuck my Ass-e-oh Ron!" Suddenly Ron and the copy of Harry burst flew over
and Ron's cock double penetrated Harry.Then suddenly they both finished coming and as their fuck buddies and their
asses disintegrated Ron and Harry fell asleep on top of each other, only to
be found the following morning by Oliver Wood.
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